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Naydene has been transitioning her theme, as reflected in her current exhibition. Having started this series three years ago with an in depth focus on people who've succumbed to their weakness, depressions and addictions, she flipped the melancholy aspect on its head and added some comic relief. Punchy headlines and carefully incorporated text draw in and intrigue the viewer. Hidden symbols crop up unexpectedly. Yet, may go unnoticed by those who are naive to their meaning. Many of her subjects are iconic celebrities. Some living. Others having met tragic deaths. Some of her artwork portrays local characters who have inspired the artist; faces created by merging several anonymous personalities, some recognizable, some not.

The artist's intention arouses emotion. Whether it be happiness, sadness, humor or a mixture of all. The late Heath Ledger as the "Joker" is a particularly ominous portrait with sinister floating skulls embellishing the background. Yet its tag line. "Why so serious"... brings a sense of relief to the viewer and pretty much sums up the show in general.

Naydene's unusual combination of mixed media teamed with her signature encaustic technique (blending oil paint and beeswax) creates an uncommon texture and brilliant pop of colour to her work.

Vew Paintings


“I create my pieces in a process that involves layering, collaging, glazing and painting elements together. I then “destroy” certain parts of the image by stripping away some of the layers to reveal the contradicting techniques. I work with a blend of beeswax and oil paint, known as encaustic, which gives a beautiful texture and depth of color to my work.”

Naydene’s current paintings draw the viewer in with an unnerving attraction. She captures her subjects with an agitated sensitivity that exposes her command of the medium, unique color sense and expressive quality. Naydene has had many solo and group exhibitions and her work has won numerous awards. She lives on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean.

Naydene Gonnella

Fine Artist in the Caribbean.

Artist Bio
  • 1993 - 94 Honors graduate OCAD University, Florence, Italy
  • 1991 - 93 Honors graduate OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario Honors Graduate
  • September 2018 - The Library, Covent Garden, London
  • 2017 La Perception - 22 Rue Vernier, Paris
  • 2017 Pop-Phiz to Pelicans Dreams International Art Gallery, Philipsburg, St. Maarten
  • 2016 Pop-Phiz, Copper and Lumber Hotel, Antigua
  • 2013 Broadway Gallery, New York
  • 2011 Art at the Ridge, Juried Exhibition – Award “Best Piece in Show”
  • 2011 Art Exhibition, Jumby Bay, Antigua
  • 2010 Harmony Hall, Antigua
  • 2010 Fig Tree Drive, Antigua
  • 2011 “Best Piece in Show” Award – Art at the Ridge, Juried Exhibition
  • 2002 "Members choice Award for Best in Show", Muskoka Arts Spring Members Show, Bracebridge
  • 2002 Juror's Choice Award, The Lindsay Gallery, Annual Juried Show
  • 2001 "Best in Show" Oshawa Art Association, Annual Juried Show
  • 2001 "Best Mixed Media" Oshawa Art Association, Annual Juried Show
  • 2001 "Award of Merit for Oil and Wax Painting" Muskoka Arts Members Show, Bracebridge
  • 2000 "Honorable Mention" PineRidge Art Council, Annual Juried Show, Ajax
  • 1994 "Proficiency in painting, Mrs. W.O. Forsyth Award", OCA, Toronto
  • 1994 "Proficiency in figure draftsmanship, Eric Freifeld Award", OCA, Toronto
  • 1993 "Excellence in Fine Art, Grafix Scholarship Award", Toronto, Ontario
  • 1992 "Proficiency in Fine Art, Carol and Morton Rapp Foundation Award", OCA, Toronto